Monday, October 25, 2010

typical story

It goes like this: my group decides to go out to lunch. Everyone puts on their jackets (and scarves, now) and heads downstairs. While we wait in the lobby for everyone to gather, I realize that in our 10-person circle I'm once again the only girl; mostly, I realize this during lunch time because I never notice how short I am compared to the rest of them until we're all standing up and not sitting at our cubicles any more. I also notice because lunch time is when everyone starts talking about Dave Chapelle, and suddenly the conversation is totally lost on me.

The strange thing is, banking isn't hugely gender-imbalanced anymore. There are plenty of females in the field - just not in FIG (financial institutions, which is the sector I cover). There are also plenty of Asians in banking - again, just not in FIG. It's very strange.

Anyway, I've started making a mental list of recurring conversation topics which I can contribute exactly zero to:

- Dave Chapelle (as previously mentioned)
- Baseball
- Having a wife
- Sharktopus
- Fishing
- Fox News anchors

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